Information about ancient Nesebar

Nessebar ... ancient history and unique romantic spirit ...

The city is located in the eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast, between the cities Varna and Burgas.

Nessebar arises before more than 3,200 years as a Thracian fishing village called Melsambria. At the end of the VI century BC first Greek colonizers arrived, the village grew and became Greek polis, commercial center that supports connections to cities of the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean seas.

In 72 BC Messemvria as the city was called at that time, became part of the Roman Empire. Under the expert guidance of leading architects and builders in the Empire was build a new water system.

From 1201 up to 1263 Nessebar is permanently included in the territory of Bulgaria. The city plays an important role in the political life of Bulgaria and Byzantium.

After a period of 40 years Byzantine rule in 1304 Nessebar is again connected to the Bulgarian state.

According legendary data in Nessebar was about 40 churches and in the nowadays there are data for 23 of them.
Today Nessebar is a popular tourist destination that is visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world, for its natural beauty and preserved monuments of past ages. Since 1983 the city is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.